For Montreal’s Haitian community, Laurent is bigger than royalty, in quite a literal sense because Queen Elizabeth is actually 30 years her junior. In fact, Canada’s sovereign has sent Laurent a birthday greeting in the past. She could claim the title from 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y., who was given it last year.
Such longevity isn’t easy, but her family said a few things help:
Cicilia watches mostly cartoons on TV to help her stay relaxed, she doesnt watch the news because that can be stressful
Cicilia doesn’t eat junk food anymore. Her diet is all natural, consisting of chicken, bananas, juice and mashed corn.
Her birthday wish? To meet the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and ask him a special favour: Allow her two great-grandsons in Haiti to visit her in Canada so she can see them again.
Officials from Guinness World Records are currently in Haiti to determine if Cicilia, who celebrated her 120th birthday on Sunday January 31st 2016 is the new record-holder.

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