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Louis Jean Bauge, who was he?

Lire ce poste en Francais: Qui etait le legendaire Louis Jean Bauge?

Louis Jean Beaugé was feared in the middle of Jeremie where he was on duty because he never held anything back. His orders were to be respected, he was not afraid of anybody; he was a standing man, a brave man, a “Neg Guinen” a follower of voodoo. He was the heir of a “family loa” who lives in a cave near the city of Roseaux about 5 or 6 kilometers from the city of Jeremie.
Louis Jean Beaugé shrank from no danger, he was fearless because he was assisted or protected by his saint or “loa” who watched his steps. His mystic powers had been put to the test the day a political event caused the uprising of all the people in the city that the police force was powerless against.

The Commander of the Place was desperate. Louis Jean Beaugé broke away from his party and gave the assurance to the commander that him alone could restore order in the city.

Louis Jean Beaugé went to Jeremie’s seafront; seized a boat. He paddled to the seafloor to dock a boat wrecks known as Ti Simone, which were planted near the port of Jeremie. This boat that was wrecked in the time allowed the emergence of a platform that served as a rest for generations of swimmers, when they were sportingly going back and forth in the sea before returning to the shore.

In full sight of everyone Louis Jean Beaugé climbed on Ti Simone as podium and turned his face to the city of Jeremie. He raised his arms to perform some mystical moves that everyone could see. By fear, or purely psychological pressure everyone quickly emptied the scene. The news spread like wildfire through the city of Jeremie that calmed down immediately as promised the fearless Louis Jean Bauge. Louis Jean Beaugé immortalized himself by becoming a legendary figure who transcended time and space in the Haitian Culture.


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