Kanye West rocking a WAP KON JORGE t-shirt

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” Wap Konn Jòj! ” if you are here reading this article that means you’ve heard this expression at least once in
your life. Whether it comes from friends, relatives or parents the meaning doesn’t change but the context
may be different. But, where does it come from? Who is Georges? What will happen to you when you get to
know him?
” Jodia w’ap konn joj! ” ( you’re going to know Georges today! )

” Wap Konn Jòj! ” litteraly translates to (you are going to know Georges) or ” Ou pral konn joj ” (you will
know Georges) while the expression itself means : just wait and see what’s coming to you, basically implying
a warning like “What goes around comes back around”

A lot of people say it but have no idea of the origin of the expression, sometimes they even add Georges’
family members to the equation like: wap konn Jòj, wap konn manman Jòj, wap konn papa Jòj, menm gran
fre Jòj wap konen ( you are going to know Georges, his mother, his father even his big brother ) that’s when
you know you’re in big trouble.

Where does it come from? The origin of this expression have 2 explanations: Most people say the
expression started after Hurricane Georges caused severe damage in Haiti in September 1998. Others say
the expression is attributed to lawyer and also politician Reynold Georges who was a member of the
opposition during ex president Jean Bertrand Aristide’s second term from 2001 to 2004 when he said ”
Aristide pral konen kiyes ki rele Georges” in an interview. The expression remains very popular among
Haitians all over the world, so next time someone tell you ” Wap konn joj ” be warned!

Kanye West rocking a WAP KON JORGE t-shirt
Kanye West rocking a WAP KON JORGE t-shirt

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