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Antoine nan gommier
Antoine nan Gomye-

Who was Antoine Nan Gomier?

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If you are Haitian, I’m sure you’ve heard at least once the expression “Sa m we pou ou Antoine nan Gomier pa wel” or ” What I Foresee for you, Antoine in Gomier cant see it. ” This expression is often used in the Haitian culture as a warning. But, who was “Antoine nan Gomier”?

Antoine Nan Gomier, whose real name was Antoine Pintro lived in the region of Grande Anse, more precisely in the plains of Gomier (hence the name Antoine nan Gommier) .The name of this town not far from Jeremie is due to the abundance of trees producing gums.

Antoine was a voodoo priest (houngan), he possessed supernatural powers that allowed him to predict many events that really happened thereafter. He made predictions for the people in the south area and for other people who came to consult him from all over the country. It is said that he had invisible powers that allowed him to read the past, present and future. Antoine was always aware in advance of the arrival of visitors.

And every time the visitor was an important personality, political, military or civilian, he would send someone to meet him to impress. The consultant never needed to explain the purpose of his visit, as this is already known to Antoine. Some say that Antoine had the gift of telepathy; he only had to close his eyes, meditate and look himself before expressing his revelations. Antoine was able to predict the number of visitors; when the latter had to stay for dinner, he knew the amount of dishes and cutlery to prepare.
Some of Antoine nan Gommier’s predictions:
> He once scolded a young man who on the way, was reluctant to pick a cure for a sick relative.

> Another time Miss Eugenie Vilaire, a teacher, took her students for a walk. Antoine saw them pass by and exclaimed: “walk of misfortune …” Soon after, one of the children went missing and was found head crushed between two barges repair on shore.

> A factory manager had lost a gun and desperate to find it. He was advised to see Antoine nan Gomier. Antoine told him the reason for his visit at his arrival, and then described the thief and showed him a laundry basket where the gun was. This one found the weapon exactly where Antoine had told him.

> Someone disappeared in Jeremie; After much research, they thought about Antoine. Antoine revealed the purpose of their visit and told them to go to a Specific place and a dog will put them on the trail of the corpse. Arrived on the scene, a dog they had with them went straight to the corpse.

> Two personalities visited Antoine, he insisted that one of the two left. The other one asked why? Antoine replied that the other man had not much time to live and that he did not want the man to die at his location; The man died before reaching his home.

> When Ms Vilaire was little girl, Antoine came out of the law office of her father and said, “Your child has a big mark on her back, you don’t have to worry about it. As soon as Antoine left, a large depigmentation that nobody had noticed before was there on her back.

Antoine died approximately in the 1940s but his name  survived and his legend goes on.



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