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Updated on June 12, 2021 9:36 pm
Updated on June 12, 2021 9:36 pm
Updated on June 12, 2021 9:36 pm

The massacre of April 26 1963 by Francois Duvalier

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On the morning of Friday, April 26, 1963, the Presidential car that was taking young Jean-Claude Duvalier 12 years old at the time and his sister Simone Duvalier 14 years to school at College Bird was attacked by gunmen. Not far from the school College Bird, a car came next to the limo. With perfect accuracy 3 shots was fired, the driver and two bodyguards died instantly in the limo. Surprisingly the assassins did not fire at the children. The children frightened by the action quickly opened the door and fled in the interior of the school. Going after them inside the school was not part of the plan when so the assassin’s fled.

When this news hit Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc), the reaction against this apparent kidnapping attempt was terrible. A call to all Macoutes and Duvalierist was launched on the radio, asking all to take arms and announcing that there had been an atempt on the life of the children of the president. Shortly after the Tontons Macoutes and FADH (Forces Armee D’Haiti) entered in alert state in search for the car of the assassins. A man hunt has instituted a Port au Prince, all bearer of arms supporter of the regime have permission to stop or kill. There are rumors everywhere that this attack was the work of an elite shooter. The hunt now takes another direction, hunting the best shooter in the country specifically Lieutenant Francois Benoit.[]

Francois Benoit was fired from the FADH just before the attack because of problems with Papa Doc. Duvalier was convinced that only Francois Benoit could achieve something like this. The Tonton Macoutes then landed at Benoit’s house, they killed everything that moves at the house, even the dog of the Benoit family was not spared then they burn the house. Same fate for the Edeline family, maiden name of Jacqueline Benoit wife of Francois. Francois Benoit had some clues about the massacre and was able to escape towards the Dominican Embassy. His wife was also absent from home because she was taking her son to school, she managed escape to the Ecuadorian embassy.

When Papa Doc learned that Benoit ecasped to the Dominican embassy, he ordered the Macoutes to go to the embassy to capture Benoit and a few other seekers of asylums at the the Dominican Embassy. The macoutes turned the embassy upside down looking for Benoit, who was nowhere to be found. They then withdraw from the embassy and form a circle around the place to prevent any access to enter or leave the embassy. The Dominican ambassador had Benoit hidden at his residence. The Tontons Macoutes went to the residence, but was forced to leave by Dominicans.

[]A few weeks later, we learned that the assassin was none other than Clement Barbot former head of the Tontons Macoutes disgraced. Barbot had planned to kidnap the children Simone and Jean Claude Duvalier then force Francois Duvalier to resign from power. Barbot’s failure to kidnap the children mark a page in our History but could’ve been a lot worst had he succeeded, Papa Doc said everyone child would pay for mine if anything ever happen to them. Some says that Papa Doc knew Francois Benoit was not the author of the attack, but he used the opportunity to eliminate the ” Top shooters” of the army and few enemies because he feared for his life.

After the event, Dr Jacques Fourcand doctor of Papa Doc gives a warning speech to the world in case anything happens to the president for life, Francois Duvalier.
“Blood will flow like a river in Haiti. The land will burn from north to south, from east to west. There will be no sunrise and sunset, just a big flame licking the sky. There will be a Himalaya  of corpses, the dead will be buried under a mountain of ashes. This will be the greatest slaughter in history.”[]

A few of the victims of the massacre:

Benoît, Armand (Lawyer, killed because his name was Benoît)
Pressoir, Augustin (Barber)
Léandre, Auguste (Retired man)
Lionel, Bance (Student)
Anonyme (a pregnant women at Benoît’s house).
Paulette (Server at lieutenant Benoît house)
Ti Tonn (Server at lieutenant Benoît’s house)
Gérald, Benoît (18 months old son of Francois Benoit et Jaqueline Benoit)
Joseph, Benoît (Judge, father of lieutenant Benoît)
Louise, Benoît Neptune (Mother of lieutenant Benoît)
Amédée, Bouchereau (Businesnman)
Jean, Bouchereau (capitaine of FADH)
Carré (bystander)
Philippe, célestin (major of FADH)
Max, Chassagne (colonel of FADH)
Roland, Chassagne (lieutenant of FADH)
Roger, De Chavigny (capitaine of FADH)
Jean, Chenet (Businessman)
Henri, Clermont (colonel of FADH)
Juanita, Clermont Jimenez (wife of colonel Clermont)
Marrat Juanita, Clermont (Daughter of Colonel Clermont)[]
Max, Corvington (capitaine of FADH)
Fritz, Damas (bystander)
Édouard, Denis (major of FADH)
Maurice, Désulmé
Sainté, Désulmé (Wife of Maurice Désulmé)
Léa, Désulmé (Daughter of Maurice Désulmé)
Roland, Désulmé (Son of Maurice Désulmé)
Pierre E., Dougé (lieutenant of FADH)
Rossini, Dougé (Brother of lieutenant Dougé)
Maurice, Duchatelier
Philippe Maurice, Duchatelier (18 months son of Maurice Duchatelier)
Liliane, Dufanal
Georgette, Édeline ( Mother of Claude Édeline)
Paul René, Édeline ( Father of lieutenant Édeline)
Ghislaine, Édeline Duchatellier (sister of lieutenant Édeline)
Gladys, Édeline, (Sister lieutenant Édeline)
Jean-Robert, Édeline (Brother of lieutenant Édeline)
Raymond, Édeline (Brother of lieutenant Édeline)
Francis, Étienne (major of FADH)
Lionel, Fouchard (Mechanic)
Alfred, Forbin (capitaine of FADH)
Hamilton, Garoute (colonel of FADH)
René, Lallemand (capitaine of FADH)
Roger, Larreur (French citizen, Father of officer in FADH)
Georges, Lauture (lieutenant retired of FADH)
Jean-Marc, Lilavois (granson Henri Clermont)
Charles, Lochard (capitaine of FADH)
Frantz, Lominy (lieutenant of FADH)
Guy, Marcel (sous-lieutenant of FADH)
Louis, Maximilien (colonel of FADH)
Chenon, Michel (capitaine of FADH)
Max, Paris (lieutenant of FADH)
Albert, Poitevien (colonel of FADH)[]
Mathilde, Remarais (servant at lieutenant Benoît home)
André, Riobé (Businessman)
Édouard, Roy (pilote, colonel of FADH)
Ernest, Sabalat (Lawyer)
Alix, Saint-Fort (lieutenant of FADH)
Fritz, Saint-Phil (mechanic).
René, Sajous (capitaine of FADH)
Frédéric, San Millan
Lucien, Scott (capitaine of FADH)
Ernest, Sévère (Lawyer)
Franck, Simon (Businessman)
Amanie, Sincère (was baby siting Gerry Benoit)
William, Théodore (friend of the family Vieux)
Éric, Tippenhauer (Father of Éric Junior and Rudy Tippenhauer)
Éric Jr, Tippenhauer
Rudy, Tippenhauer
Didier, Vieux
Paul (Polo), Vieux
Roger, VILLEDROUIN (capitaine of FADH)

Jeune Jean Claude and Simone Duvalier
jean claude et simone










Francois Benoit  Digicel Entrepreneur de l’annee 2015



Clement Barbot and his brother Harry Barbot


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